I make your ideas awesome

Hello, My name is Bessam Sahli, an enthusiastic programmer.
I'm a Fullstack developer.
This means I do backend and frontend development.
I can manage Infrastructure too.
I Enjoy coding for both server and client sides.
I Enjoy writing tests and all kinds of automations.
I consider myself a pragmatic type of programmer.
Instead of making false promises or writing big slogans let's just start working ;) .
Get ready to turn your ideas into reality.


Back-end development

An awesome Back-end development using Spring Boot, or Nodejs, besides of that i can show you more awesome things like Serverless Backend using AWS Lambda or any other serverless provided tools to minimize your server hosting costs.

Cloud computing and Infrastructure management

Are you looking to make your Web or mobile application Highly available, fault tolerant, cost effective, and more secure ?
I can help you to create and manage your Cloud Infrastructure like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft AZURE, Google Cloud , Oracle Cloud and more.

Front-end development

User interfaces are very important, but using the latest technologies like Google Material and Angular for Single Page Websites development, and Flutter , IONIC for mobile apps, make sure your Interfaces will look awesome.


Mastered Languages/ Frameworks and tools

Languages: JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, TypeScript, C#, PHP, LISP, Prologue, HTML/CSS, Python
Frameworks: Java EE, Java FX, Spring Boot,Nodejs,Flutter, Android, Angular, Bootstrap, JaCaMo(Multi-Agent Development), .net
Tools and devOps: Git, Maven, npm, Docker, Jenkins,Kubernetes, Nexus, CI/CD pipelines, Serverless and most of AWS Services.

Code Quality

There are somethings I'm proud of as a developer like mastering best practices, for example : Design patterns, Test Driven Development (TDD), Agile, Redux Patterns libraries, like NGRX for angular to unlock productivity and isolate side effects for large scale applications.



Contact me


Reu Makam Elchahid, SETIF, 19000 Algeria